10 surprising things you will learn about yourself from running your own business

Ever dared to dream about running your own business?

All your focus is on how good you are at making/doing your thing. You will be feeling some fear, wondering if you are good enough to attract people to buy from you. Are you brave enough to take it further?

Starting a business is much like becoming a parent for the first time. You will have had time to prepare and get ready to ‘birth’ your business idea, read books and listened to sound advice, and some not so sound advice too (how many people have told you starting a business is a bad idea? More on this below….). Start running your own business and you will be amazed at the things that are about to happen.

Just like parenting, we have no clue what is about to unfold, we learn as we go. No child behaved as per the book, and no business journey will be just as you planned.

Here are 10 surprising things about running your own business. Things you’ll come to realise about yourself. Personal growth. The wonderful opportunities. The sheer magic that will open up to you…

YOU are BOSS material
Step up and discover your true potential…
Say goodbye to the old you and unleash your vision and passion onto the world, your way. You will:
• Set the tone and ‘personality’ of your business.
• Make all the decisions.
• Take total responsibility for everything – good and bad.
• Decide what you do, when and with whom

Once you become the boss there’s no going back!

YOU can live with FEAR
Everything you’ve ever desired is on the other side of fear…
Understand that however uncomfortable it feels, it’s a sign that you are doing things right.
You are growing and stretching comfort zones and on the other side of fear is learning, growth, fulfilment and an incredible sense of achievement.
Recognise fear as your friend and you will fly.

YOU can change your STORY
Forget one day, it’s day one…
You’ve been telling yourself so many stories about what you are able to do. Or, more likely, not able to do. As time goes on you realise that’s all they are – stories.
What do you tell yourself you’re rubbish at?
Or not willing to do?
Tell yourself a new story.
Instead of saying “I’m rubbish at presenting”, or “I never do lives – I hate them.”
Say instead, “I’m going to follow some experts and improve my presenting skills.”
Or “I challenge myself to do one live each week and see how I get on.”
Hey, you might even learn to love the thing you’ve avoided the most!

YOU can say NO
Empower yourself to do what you truly want to…
Running your own business, you get to stick to your principles. You decide who to work with. And you decide when it’s not worth the time and effort.
You find yourself agreeing to everything, scared to turn work down at the outset. Remember why you started, what you wish to achieve, how you intend to get there, exactly what don’t you want to do – and stick to it!
It’s very powerful to say no when you are saying it with good reason. You are not missing an opportunity if it’s not what you want. Saying no means you are freeing time to do the stuff you love.

YOU can take a RISK
If you win, you win, if you lose, you learn…
Can you spot potential?
Will this opportunity lead you down a new path that you have not thought of before?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and we learn so much from our mistakes.
Say ‘yes’ – without knowing exactly how you will achieve what you have been asked to do. You will find a way. Once you have made the commitment to deliver, you will be amazed at how your brain goes into overdrive. You find who and what you need to make it happen. You make that thing you thought impossible – possible.

YOU can be PROUD
Even if it’s a disaster darling, you are at least trying…
You are about to be featured in the press. Invited to speak on a radio show. Appear on TV. Give a talk or presentation to a large group. Enter that competition and win awards. These are all things that have happened to me, so now it’s your turn.
I gained some fabulous PR by writing off to the local press. I engaged with journalists on social media and got featured in The Sun and The Independent. I have won several Entrepreneurial and Customer Service awards and been on numerous radio shows and TV. Go make yourself proud.

Sometimes s**t happens – you have something meaningful to get lost in…
This wonderful tapestry we call life, has a habit of throwing a curve ball. Bereavement, separation, illness, hardships – we all face them at some point.
Running your own business means you have something to focus on and dedicate yourself to when things are really difficult. It can be a wonderful and welcome distraction.
It’s absorbing and interesting and all yours and you can put as much (or as little) into it as you wish. When life happens, you have something to distract you, or engage you, or something you can leave alone for a bit. Whatever it takes.

No more shrinking to fit things you’ve outgrown…

Running your own business is an education. You will expand your mind, grow and develop yourself as much as your business.
You will find mentors, organisations and groups that support and challenge you. You will learn new skills, move with technology (you have no choice), speak, write and create new products/offerings for your business.
You will begin to support and mentor others too as they seek your counsel.
There is no standing still, you are either shrinking or growing.

YOU will build your IDENTITY
It emerges from within when you have the courage to show up…
What’s your purpose?
What now that the all-consuming responsibilities have changed?
Did you lose yourself and your confidence along the way?
Running your own business builds your identity. You become known as the ‘whatever you are doing’ lady or man. You achieve goals. You gain a sense of achievement. You are working in a way that you enjoy. You are authentic and true to your values. It builds your confidence and you totally discover yourself again.

YOU will have FUN
Time flies…
It’s not all about running the business.
You work and play on your terms.
A day off to do something you fancy. A long lunch and catch up with a friend. Holidays when it suits, longer trips, or lots of smaller trips instead – pop them in the diary and work around it.
You don’t need permission from anyone but yourself.
You may have to work longer or ideally smarter to achieve/afford your time off but honour yourself and protect your fun/leisure time.

If running your own business means conquering fears, exploring opportunities, growing as a person and realising just some of your amazing potential – how could you not give it a go?
As mentioned earlier, so many will try and put you off starting at all…..
They might believe it’s a risky strategy.
They might believe it’s the wrong time.
Or have you simply made them jealous because they’ve never dared to try?
Doing this alone is never easy. We are prone to overthink, procrastinate, listen to the doubters and give up. We are always better together, as long as we choose the right people to support and encourage us along the way.

Join me and learn exactly how you can master running your own business in just a few weeks through my on-line business start-up and mentoring programme.
It’s really practical and takes you through start-up step by step but most importantly supportive and challenging too. I can’t wait to see you realise just some of your amazing potential and really start to fly……..

To do or not to do…..

That is the question – I’m finding sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t.

All we can do is listen to ourselves, follow good advice, look out for each other and do what we can when we can, or indeed, when we are able.

Hopefully you, your friends and family will come out of this as well as possible, I know tragically that will not be the truth for everyone.

I do try and ask myself how I wish to look back on this time?

That could simply be the chance I’m having to spend quality time with loved ones – if you are also lucky enough to have them in your house, or perhaps on-line if not. Slowing down, reading, watching, pottering around, taking time.

It has provided the opportunity for me to try something new too.

I’ve started an online training course that will complement my current programmes on starting a new business or building confidence – and also I’ve started sharing ‘what’s for dinner Dawn on facebook each evening.

veggie moussakka with ricotta topping

I am trying to cook for my family, decent, nutritious meals for five on a budget! I’ve been amazed at the interaction and really enjoyed sharing ideas, tips and recipes with others.

I find cooking a total therapy too – so spending time in the kitchen and cooking up a storm is really good for me and seems to be enjoyed by the family!

On the back of all this, someone has approached me and suggested I start a food blog – we are having a chat tomorrow about what that might look like……how exciting. Silver linings perhaps…….

Be kind to yourself, none of us know how to navigate this time as we’ve never been here before, and do please come and talk about your dinner with Dawn……….

Stay well
Dawn x
6th April 2020

the new normal?

So at the time of writing this post business life is looking a little different. Both my hubby and I have had to furlough ourselves within our businesses in order to survive our current situation (as like many we lost all our income overnight). We can carry out our duties as Directors in terms of any legal requirements that may be required and we can ensure we are here and fit to operate when we can get back to work, but we are not entitled to earn anything during this period.

For 10+ years (Jo even longer) we have been running our own businesses, with a focus on marketing, promotion, sales, keeping the customers coming back for more and delivering our services. For now, the delivery is on hold.

We sincerely hope you will come back for more when this is over – some banging metal at the forge with Jo, some chocolate therapy with me, or even start your own small business perhaps?

In the meantime, we are looking at a new normal.

The worst thing we could do is disappear off the face of the earth and hide.

We are still here, still capable and still wish to serve you.

Here to help and try and keep smiling!

While Jo can’t encourage you to set up a forge in your home, he watches so many you tubers, vlogs etc, not just on blacksmithing but on creating things in general – if you want to gain some inspiration or just wish to get inspired for when you can visit the forge, drop him a line on jo@jotheiron.co.uk or visit his page on facebook and ask him for some tips! Stay creative people!

I’m cooking for England here – I’m utilising our store cupboard like never before – we are a family of five living here on a seriously reduced income and I’m making meals a focus of tastiness, health, affordability and I won’t lie, a bit of therapy for me too, I love cooking.
Please ask me anything, just for a chat, for inspiration or for making your money go a bit further. We’ve been eating veggie too (we are about 80% veggie most of the time anyway to try and do our bit for the environment) but right now it seems the sensible thing to do, for the purse strings, for the planet and for our good health!

We are no saints, and everyday we have a pudding (unheard of before this business started, except for a weekend treat). We feel that good food and sitting and sharing a good meal has been helping us through and is something lovely to look forward to each day.

Let’s get sharing, helping and inspiring each other if food is your thing. Pop to my facebook page and share any top tips with us, or ask me anything – like what’s for dinner tonight Dawn?

I’m going to be offering some free sessions during this period to help, support and discover your own genius. If you are interested in some free support, drop me a line on dawn@dawnfry.co.uk and find out more. Watch this space for more news on this too.

Stay well, stay safe!

30th March 2020

Love in the time of corona….

I must confess that the moment this got really serious and learning that almost 90% of our income was disappearing overnight, I focused on fear, on paying my way, of surviving financially intact. But it’s the same for so many, and it’s so not about the money is it?

This will likely end up being the biggest, hardest and best lesson we have ever learned.

At the time of writing this, I don’t know what will happen in terms of our business, or paying our way, but we have a roof over our heads, our whole family is isolating together (five of us and a dog) and we have some food to eat, and as I write this the sun is shining brightly.

A few days in and some lovely truths are revealing themselves. You will have seen so many wonderful examples shared on social media and in the news. Love, caring, kindness is emerging as the thing that will get us through something so difficult.

Personally, I started off with a little offer for my chocolate business, where I asked people to play it forward, buy a deposit-only voucher and then come along and spend some time with me and my chocolate tanks when it was all over.

It was an idea about trying to find a fix to no income, but within moments it turned into something so much more. It was the promise of being with people again, the chance to laugh and have fun together and enjoy some chocolate with each other. That became a lifeline of a treat to look forward to more than anything else, especially for me. People have been wonderful in their support buying lots of vouchers and really touching me with their generosity.

I have also been supporting a small group through my New Dawn business start up programme. I wondered initially, if I could deliver the same experience in the midst of all the stress and anxiety. I gave myself a good talking to, it’s my duty to support them to get their small business ideas off the ground as there will be the other side of this and they will be ready and able to get their ventures launched…..how exciting! I have loved that this element has continued as normal and it’s been a total tonic to have this to focus on and the lovely people taking part to support.

Our planet is healing, with the world in lock down there is huge opportunity for our environments to improve and hopefully teach us a better way forward.

On a personal level, I’ve seen friends step up and be something incredible to each other. Upbeat, supportive, caring and kind. In true British style there have been some hilarious shares to keep us smiling through – I’m sure they will keep on coming.

Being unable to be with some loved ones, knowing some are on their own and finding things difficult, reminds us how much we do love them. There are going to be some super-sized hugs going around when we can finally be with them again.

As soon as I can xxx

We are truly being shown love in the time of corona.

“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”
― Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

Be safe, stay well and show love.

25th March 2020

Feel the fear….

I know, and do it anyway. But we don’t – we sit and live with the fear of doing something out of our comfort zone because we feel so much fear and the enormity of everything all at once, instead of seeing it for what it really is, a small step out of the usual, to explore something new.

I am trying to encourage people to start their own small business through my programme New Dawn and I am witnessing fear from many I speak to.

Fear of failure (you can only fail if you actually try and we learn so much from our mistakes), fear that they don’t have the ability to do what is required, a real lack of confidence; fear of something fundamental like the end of a relationship through making a change in their lives, fear of being too busy, fear of leaving a job behind that means a steady income (despite the fact that no job is ever totally secure anymore). Fear, fear, fear.

But can you remember a time when you did something you were uncomfortable with and it was tricky and difficult at the time, but you looked back and were so pleased you did it? You grew, you changed slightly and you felt better for trying.

The thing is that you only have to take a small step at a time. You don’t have to fundamentally change your life all at once, you will feel slightly uncomfortable some of the time, and then you will start to feel great, pleased, proud but fundamentally of course, you are still the same you. If you don’t like the direction things are heading in, you can change again, nothing is set in stone.

You don’t have to leave a steady job, if you have an idea for something, why not try it alongside your job and see what pans out? You will be following a dream, a passion, so it will be busy, but busy doing something you enjoy!

I can’t give you confidence but I do know that by stretching your comfort zone and doing something new and a little challenging your confidence will grow. Sometimes I’ve had to fake a little confidence in my business, because it was the best for my customers not to be greeted by a jelly of nerves. Now it’s second nature – to be confident of my abilities to give my customers the best possible experience I can. I do get nervous, I do stretch my comfort zone and often say to myself at the time, why am I doing this again – then I’m delighted I did. So now, when I feel uncomfortable, I just sit with it and know it will turn into something positive eventually. I have faith.

This is something so fundamental that I have discovered when talking to others about starting their own small business that I added a whole bonus section on confidence alone. It runs alongside the business training for the length of the programme!

If you think you would like to explore running your own business, put your fear aside, get in touch and request a discovery call. That’s all. We will chat and see if we can help each other and I hope you will decide to have a go at starting a new business, but that is up to you and whether you decide to DO IT ANYWAY!

Dawn Fry
22nd May 2019

Coming soon…..

I’m excited to announce a brand new on-line programme coming soon to help anyone who dreamed of becoming their own boss and starting their own small business doing what they love – welcome to your New Dawn!

Delivered via on-line modules covering business strategy and planning, marketing, PR and so much more and including a vital support/mentoring group to help you avoid overwhelm and keep you on track.

I’ve run my own successful and award-winning chocolate business for almost 10 years, supported others to do the same, and now I’m branching out to help even more, not necessarily work with chocolate, but creating a business you want to work in that suits you and your lifestyle.

I will be running a pilot in the first instance for a limited number at a special introductory price – if you wish to join the priority list, then please click on the link.  No obligation to sign up, but a chance to be invited at the outset and benefit from a lower price ahead of the official launch.

Doing something you love, doing it for yourself and providing/sharing something for everyone to benefit from by being able to buy your product or service!  The best thing I ever did (apart from marry a lovely man and have three gorgeous children) was start my own business – it’s about to be your turn too.



Small business therapy!

Have you spent too many years doing what you didn’t want to do, for people you didn’t really like?  If it’s a yes, then you are in the right place!

I want to help women realise their ambition of starting their own small business.

I’m a certain age – an age when my life is changing in ways I couldn’t imagine even a few years ago.  I have three children and at the time of writing this, two of them are on their own adventures at Uni, with one still at home and taking exams this year, so they can fly off too.

If you are a mum too, you will not have prepared for your children leaving home, you can’t as you are too focused on doing your mum stuff.  It’s all consuming and exhausting and rewarding in equal measure (or actually unequal measure most of the time).  Then it all changes and where are you?  Who are you?  What’s your role in life now?

Well for me personally, through some very difficult times that are likely to hit us all at some point (serious illness, stress, anxiety, loss and especially empty nest syndrome), my business has been my therapy.  I’ve pushed myself to do things I never thought I would!  It has been scary at times, but so rewarding.   I’ve had a focus, a purpose and it’s help build my confidence and find out about me.  I’ve helped others start their own businesses too, and I’ve seen them experience the same good things that I have enjoyed.

I attended the launch party of someone I’d help start their own chocolate workshop business, and on arrival I saw the husband whisper something in the ear of the lady I’d supported.  He came straight over to me and kissed me, thanking me for giving me his wife back!  She had been so unhappy, doing a job she disliked and trying to juggle life with their small children.  I was truly choked – and so delighted for them both, she continues to go from strength to strength with her business too.  This is what doing your own thing can mean though – freedom, flexibility and the chance to follow a dream and truly flourish.

I’m launching a new programme to help people like you.  It will contain all the practical steps you need to complete to get started (delivered in modules) but most importantly support, encouragement and focus.  I will believe in you, be your champion, and help you avoid overwhelm and encourage you to keep going.  I’ve been in business for 10 years now and helped many others along the way.  I’ve love to to help you too.

Whether you have an idea for a business already and need help to get going, or whether you need to explore ideas for your business that suit your particular talents, I’d love to help you get started!

Do what you love and love what you do – it’s your time now, so do please get in touch if you would like to find out more: dawn@dawnfry.co.uk

The story of the blacksmith and the chocolatier

I’m a chocolatier and my hubby, Jo is a blacksmith.  We offer experiences with molten metal and chocolate, but not at the same time!

It’s our 20th wedding anniversary this year and it’s been a roller-coaster of a ride at times, but this is how we came to offer blacksmith experience days and chocolate-making workshops respectively to our customers in Hertfordshire and beyond.

Jo has been a blacksmith since leaving school, and until about three of years ago, purely concentrated on supplying ornamental and architectural metalwork to commission. Inspired by my chocolate workshops, he decided to start offering half and one day courses for the ‘budding blacksmith’ from his forge in Letchworth Garden City.

“I love teaching people to work with metal. To me it’s so important to ‘make things’. To have something tangible that you have designed and created is very satisfying way of earning a living – many people’s jobs do not have that element anymore – and people love coming to make something of their own. Everyone goes home with at least one piece they have made themselves. There is no experience necessary, anyone can have a go.’

Jo ‘making something’ at the Anvil!

At 47 Jo was diagnosed with testicular cancer – with three children aged 11, nine and five at the time, it was a very tough time for us all.  Jo was fit, healthy and working hard on his business and it rocked our world for him to be given a cancer diagnosis.

“After surgery, I had intensive chemotherapy treatment, which involved staying in hospital for five days at a time, as well as regular day visits between hospital stays. Friends and family rallied round to help with the childcare and Dawn was a fantastic support, sitting by my hospital bed for hours at a time, just keeping me company and being there for me.’

“Although the whole experience was extremely scary and tough, it really made me focus on what was important in my life. I already loved my job so I was doing what I wanted at work. I’m very lucky to have a loving and supportive family and realised how important it was to spend quality time with them whenever possible. It was definitely a tough time for my business, inevitably I had to turn down jobs, as I was unable to work for some months. As I came back to the fold, the recession really started to take hold, and it was touch and go at times as to whether it was viable to keep the business running. I’m thankful to have some very loyal customers.’

“Now things are looking much more positive, with more confidence in the economy, more jobs are coming in and the blacksmith courses are a great added bonus to my business and really starting to take off.’

“Life can be very short, and you just don’t know what’s in store for you so I strongly believe it’s so important to do what you love, and love what you do. Luckily I’ve now survived over five years since treatment and the prognosis is very good.”

I set up my chocolate workshop business from scratch in 2009 from the summerhouse at the end of our garden in Hitchin.

Like many mums, I’d taken lots of part-time roles to fit around the needs of my family, often under-selling my skills to get the flexible element of reduced hours. As many mums will know – however part-time the role, it’s still a constant juggle, especially when the children are poorly. I didn’t even factor into the equation that my husband might be the one who was seriously poorly and for so long. Just a few months prior to Jo’s health scare, my Dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer. At times I was trying to fit in hospital visits and appointments for both of them. Having my Dad and husband undergoing treatment at the same time, and trying to be there for the children was a huge emotional and physical challenge. It really made me think long and hard about what I wanted for me and my family going forward.

I had a dream to be my own boss and run some form of workshop business from our summerhouse. I didn’t want to run off to an office anymore, I wanted to do something I totally loved and that would give me flexibility for family life. I racked my brains and in the end I just decided that as I love chocolate and people, I would put the two together. I sat down and wrote a business plan of my dream business – The Melting Pot, offering chocolate workshops for children, adults and teams!

I thought it might remain a dream until I was made redundant in the June of 2009 and I said to myself ‘it’s now or never’ despite it being the height of the recession I went for it! Jo and I worked really hard that summer to have the summerhouse revamped and up and running, I completed my training and launched in September of that year.

Almost six years later, I’m still here and going strong – there have been some trials and tribulations along the way, not least of which was finding a malignant melanoma on my back in the summer of 2012. I have very fair skin and have been very careful in the sun for many years; I’m always the palest person at the end of the summer. I did however get burnt on a regular basis when I was very young, as there wasn’t the knowledge we have today about being careful. I drive my children mad about putting on enough sun lotion and not getting burnt, and here I was the person who always sits under the tree with a diagnosis of skin cancer – it seemed rather unjust after how careful I’d been.

We lost a friend to skin cancer only a couple of years previously. I was extremely worried and frightened – I knew how serious it was.

I had the mole removed and a wide excision (they take a wider area of skin around where the mole originally was). It was a small procedure, carried out on me as an outpatient, and I just had a very short time off of work while it healed. No further treatment was prescribed, so thankfully I didn’t have to suffer the same arduous journey as Jo with any chemo or radiotherapy treatment. I’m under surveillance and have check ups every three months at present. I was extremely lucky that the melanoma was incredibly thin and my prognosis is also very positive and encouraging.

Like Jo, I had time to reflect and work out what was most important to me too. Life-threatening illnesses really make you take stock of everything. I was grateful to know that I was pretty much where I wanted to be.

Each running our own businesses has meant we were able to share childcare between us, and take off for long family holidays during the summer (with our trusty tent)! Quality family time was one of the main reasons for choosing to run my own business. We’ve managed some three and four week adventures around Europe, and as many short-breaks as we can fit in. The added bonus has been how much fun it has been, doing something I love and stamping my own personality on everything I do. My own personal journey with the business has been beyond anything I could have imagined.



As well as running the workshops, I now speak regularly to businesses on creating ‘sticky customers’ – how if we are fantastic at creating the best possible customer experiences, our customers will stick around (although of course I cover my customers in a little chocolate to make them genuinely sticky). I’m in the process of writing my first book “12 Steps to Getting Sticky Customers”. I’ve been featured in The Sun, and The Independent, spoken on BBC local radio and appeared on TV. I could not have imagined such rewarding times from sitting down and thinking about my dream business.

I’m really excited about the next phase for The Melting Pot, as I launch my first ever chocolate business opportunity! I’ve created a ‘business in a chocolate box’ so others can build their own fun and exciting chocolate workshop businesses around the Country. I love encouraging others to live their dream lives too – so by packaging up all I have learned in running my business, providing training and ongoing support – I hope to enable others to enjoy their work as much as I do.  I’ve written a free e-book about the amazing opportunities that working with chocolate can bring!

I proud I can now say that I am an ‘award-winning business’, having picked up Customer Service and Entrepreneur of the Year awards for the work I’ve done on creating memorable experiences at my workshops and devising a supportive and accessible chocolate business opportunity.

Having the support of each other through these ‘ordeals’ has been fantastic and I’d say has strengthened our relationship no end. We both now completely understand the fears and irrational thoughts that being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness can bring and we totally appreciate the precarious nature of life.  We found it really helped to understand what was most important  for us, and to try and live as close to that ideal as we can.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about CREATING yourself – George Bernard Shaw 

Here’s to the next chapter……

How do you treat the hired help?

There’s much focus on giving our customers the best possible experience and getting fabulous at customer service, and rightly so – it’s increasingly important in this day of gaining any slight competitive edge to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.  We need to build fantastic relationships with customers and potential customers so they stay with us, become loyal and buy again (and again).  If you don’t think you are good enough at this aspect, follow this link for more information on our ‘getting sticky customers’ workshop.

So let’s assume that we are feeling OK about our customer service, we are pretty good at treating most of our good customers well, retention rates are not too bad, so fairly happy days (always room for improvement, but that’s another story).

waiterSo what about the people we hire in to help?

Yes, we’re paying our hard-earned money for them to do a job for us, and being as they are the experts, they can get on with the job they have been paid to do with little input from us (hopefully if we have briefed them sufficiently and done our homework on getting the right person for the job).  So now the boot is on the other foot and we are the customer – and our attitude has changed.  We may now think that we have no customer service to worry about and can act quite differently?

Here’s the thing – your hired help may well be a potential customer, and certainly s/he will have friends, family and colleagues that are potential customers.  Shoddy treatment of hired help says a lot about you and your company, and that experience will be reported to the wider world.  Just because you are paying their bill, you still wish to greet them warmly, give them a cuppa, make necessary introductions, ensure they have everything they need from you to do the job efficiently, so they leave with a positive impression of your organisation and staff.

If your hired help leaves with the best impression, they might just become another member of your sales team and be recommending your great outfit to the perfect client – we love a bit of word of mouth marketing, and you just never know where it might come from!  Treat everyone with the same level of quality service and you increase your chances of it being ANYONE who has dealings with you and your company!

Do ask them too – ask them how it was dealing with your company, did they get everything they needed from you to do their job properly (so you learn and next time you are even more efficient and organised when you need to hire in similar help again).  If you’ve been delighted with their service, offer to tell your contacts about them.  It’s also OK to ask them to spread the good word about what you do – give them leaflets, cards, special offers to give to their contacts if you leave on good terms (and have offered to reciprocate) you know there will be some great endorsement on offer for both sides.

Lady of the house: “Sheldon, I want you to stand at the front door and call the guests’ names as they arrive.”

Sheldon: “Very well, madam. I’ve been wanting to do that for years.”

(with thanks to the Butlers Guild)





Mind your manners!

I met with an interesting lady this week – her business is about promoting good food, cooking and eating as well as good table manners ‘Cookery/Eatery’ – a life skill that so many sadly lack!

It got me thinking about food and doing business….

Networking Nightmares

How many times has your stomach sunk when you saw the large crusty bap filled with chewy bacon and dribbly fried egg at yet another breakfast networking event, knowing that for best results you will now need to go hungry!  The fact that you got up at 5am to get there means you might faint if you don’t tackle the bap any minute now, resulting in just a few lip-twisting, mouth-wiping embarrassing encounters where you almost wished you’d just stayed at home.

What are the caterers thinking?

egg_on_faceYes we all love a big fat breakfast bap in the comfort of our own home, but trying to sell our latest ‘thing’ with egg on our face is not a good look!  Can’t we have dainty bite-sized eats that won’t dribble or flake all over us please while pitching our must-have product 🙂

Are you putting people off?

And don’t get me started on MANNERS!  Manners maketh man (or woman) – bet you were told that as a kid by your gran?  Why then are so many so bad at even the basics?  Here are the my top three worst offenders  – (please feel free to add to the list):

  1. Eating with mouth open (yuk)
  2. Talking with mouth full – mind the fall out from this one
  3. Making any noises when eating, apart from an appreciative ‘Mmmm’ all other noises especially ‘smacking of lips’ are a definite no-no!

How many times have you gone to a business lunch/dinner and been appalled at the level of table manners (or lack of) on display.  Would you want to do business with someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate how to behave at the table?

So in the spirit of providing fantastic customer experiences please lovely people, don’t forget to ‘mind your manners’ next time you are eating with someone, especially if you wish to do a bit of business with them!