About me

“Dawn is incredibly motivated with huge drive and enthusiasm to shape her creative ideas into a thriving business!!!
I love the way that she connects so well with all kinds of people. She is a warm-hearted, friendly and genuine soul who is destined to succeed at whatever she turns her attention to.”


Keep smiling!

Passionate about People!

I have a passion for people – I love ‘em – or most of them anyway!

I launched my first business in 2009 – offering chocolate workshops,  because I wanted to work with people and chocolate (two of my great loves) – and giving people a good time and creating a wonderful experience for them is what I do best (the chocolate helps a little bit too!).

In fact my workshops turned into much more than ‘just’ a chocolate workshop – people shared their stories over the chocolate tank, showed their personalities through their work and we shared a journey (albeit a brief one) together. Being able to read different personalities and ensure that each individual got the best experience became something of great importance.

Building better relationships…..

Success in The Sun!

Chocolate led me to the world of social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc). I wanted to get good at this to help me build the chocolate business. I undertook an on-line training course to learn how. Social media is all about people too of course. Building relationships and chatting to loads of people all the time on the different social media platforms – perfect! In fact I enjoyed such a level of success on social media I was featured in our local papers on numerous occasions, in The Sun, The Independent and I won an iPad in my first few months on-line!

But one big thing stood out to me from my experiences both in running workshops and social media campaigns – if you are really fantastic at making people feel good, have a great experience, and enjoy interacting with you – they spread their love of what you do, their experience – they turn into the best sales force you could possibly hope for!  Word of mouth recommendation is the most powerful marketing tool.  Your mission has to be about them having a good time – this has to be genuine – and once you get passionate about people and ensuring you deliver the best you can for them – well, they are just lovely and so generous in return!

Let’s get brilliant at making our customers feel good!

What atmosphere does your business create for customers?

I find dealing with customers enjoyable, easy and fun. Ensuring a customer has a good time is something that comes naturally to me, it is an inherent part of my personality – and something that I am genuinely passionate about.   I really do get a kick out of customers having a great experience with me and my business.  But it’s not just about stroking my ego – it’s about great relationships, loyalty and ultimately sales!

So now it is my mission to go forth and spread the word about great customer service and customer experiences – I want to help other business owners be fantastic for their customers and see the difference it makes to their business! If it’s not an inherent part of you, I want to help through awareness, training, speaking, enthusiasm and commitment. Providing a great service, delivered with passion and promise is so fulfilling and positive as well as being your best insurance for a sustainable future.  The best place to start is booking a place at my one-day customer experience workshop.

I’m proud to have been nominated for Best Customer Service at the National Entrepreneurs Convention, and I’ve subsequently gone on to win a Best Customer Service and Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2013.  I’m a contributor to Customer Experience Magazine and I’m currently writing my first book on ‘getting sticky customers’.

I truly believe that building great relationships and getting fantastic and providing great customer experience will change the way in which we do business – forever.  That can only be a great thing – to think that rubbish or non-existent service will be a thing of the past.

Join me and together let’s start THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REVOLUTION!