Are you charitable enough – here’s 7 reasons why you should be!

 - by dawn

I’m writing this blog after hosting a great charity event yesterday – and after calming down from the buzz, why was the event so much more than the funds that we raised for the charity?

1. The charity event was a perfect fit for my (chocolate) business.  Easy to keep everything relevant and ‘on-brand’ for any on-going business opportunities!

2. It’s an important part of my ethics/values to ‘give back’ in some way.  By demonstrating publicly you are giving your time and efforts to charitable causes, others will understand and respect your values too.

3. It was great in terms of relationship building with my current audience – a way to keep in touch and make some noise about something a little different to the norm and all for a great cause.

4. On the back of the event, I was able to gain valuable PR, reach out to celebrities endorsing the charity’s activities, and create momentum on social media channels.

5. I gained new contacts, followers and ‘likers’ – growing my audience and potential customers for future non-charitable events.

6. The event itself was fun, well-attended and enjoyed by all – it’s so good to meet people face-to-face and thank them for their support now and again.

7. It left me feeling exhausted, happy and fulfilled – it’s a good feeling doing stuff for others less fortunate than yourself from time to time!

I can’t wait to sign up and do it all again next year –  The Big Chocolate Tea Party in aid of The Sick Children’s Trust

with thanks to Sharon Cooper Photography



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