Are you passionate enough?

 - by dawn

I’m obviously not referring to your romantic aspirations here – but being truly passionate about your business is worth giving some serious thought to.

I recently went to see a client about providing some social media training solutions for their new membership business.  In the course of our chat, the client asked what my ‘life purpose’ was in terms of my business aims and ambitions.  That’s an interesting questions isn’t it?  How often would someone ask you such a deep question?  Would you be ready with an answer? However, I had done some serious thinking about this – and I had my answer right there.  I started to talk about my passion for customer experience excellence.  Now, I didn’t just chat casually about my concept of helping business owners build better relationships with their customers in a ‘spouting the spiel’ manner , I got really animated about why I wanted to do this.  I articulated my vision, my values and my true belief that helping UK business owners get better at building good relationships with their clients would make the world a better place – I truly believe it’s that big!

And guess what – I didn’t get the social media contract – but I did get my first client for my customer experience consultancy!

It pays to be passionate!

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