Building Confidence

A 4-week online programme focusing on boosting your confidence

It’s your turn!

Do you find you feel fearful or anxious more of the time?

Have you lost confidence in your appearance/your skills?

Do you often tell yourself that you can’t or won’t do things, acting defensively about things that would force you out of your comfort zone?

Do you find yourself saying you are too (old/tired/fearful) to do that anymore?

Life is constantly changing; kids are growing up and not needing you in the same way anymore; we lose loved ones, you find you are juggling the needs of so many people that your own needs have become something to think about another time, later, when x y or z changes – but it never does.

Maybe you would love to change jobs or start a new job?

You might want to take on a new challenge, join a new group, get started on a new hobby?

A combination of not having the time or confidence to focus on what you really want means you just feel completely stuck.

Not living the life that you desire, not being true to what you want, ends up making us tired, getting us down, leaves us feeling anxious and the whole negative cycle starts all over again.

How about changing the routine, doing something a little different, out of the ordinary, taking some time and investing in you for a change?

Sharing tips and gentle guidance will encourage you to get thinking, talking, gaining feedback, turning fixed ideas and thought patterns on their head, seeing things from a different prospective perhaps that had not occurred to you before.

Allowing yourself this time to focus on you, with added encouragement and support CAN boost your confidence, help you to commit to expand your comfort zone, change behaviours and ultimately help you feel more alive!

Please ask yourself these three questions:

1. How would being more confident than I am now, feel for me?
2. What would the impact of a more confident version of me be on work colleagues and/or family and friends?
3. What’s the one thing that I really want to achieve by the end of this programme?

The process of building confidence can feel a little daunting, uncomfortable or just plain difficult for a time, but together we can explore ways to encourage and support you to achieve your goals.

And having gone through the process of getting uncomfortable and feeling a little fear – feeling more confident is empowering, it really feels good and it’s great to notice the opportunities opening up to the ‘new’ you.

I’m excited to learn what you will achieve by the end of our four weeks together!

The programme is delivered on-line via four weekly modules. You can work at your own pace and you have lifetime access to the modules once you have invested in the programme.

It also includes a 30-min one-to-one with Dawn, course mentor, where we will focus on building your confidence and overcoming any blocks you may be experiencing. This may be taken at any time during the four weeks, at a mutually agreed date/time.

Here’s what we will cover:

Week One:
Exploring all aspects of our lives
Examine personal values and reiterate what is important to us

Week Two:
Explore ways to relax, unwind and connect back to nature
The importance of looking after ourselves and de-stressing

Week Three:
Identifying our comfort zones
Feeling the fear and setting a challenge

Week Four:
The benefit of role models
Communicating in a more positive way
Creating a stronger personal identity
Action plan

How it Works:

The course is delivered online (via a membership site), so you can be anywhere you want to be and access the material at a time to suit you.

The one-to-one session will take place via Zoom (you just need a smartphone or PC) at a mutually agreed time during the four-week programme.

This four-week programme gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself and boost your confidence.

It also includes a 30 min private one-to-one with Dawn and a copy of ‘100 Ways to Unwind’

The cost is £99pp*

JOIN NOW and invest in you.

What others have said about the Building Confidence Programme:

“The course content and Dawn were excellent. The action plan has helped me in seeing ways I can improve my confidence. It helped me think about my feelings and what is holding me back.”

Andy N

“The spec for the course was very clear and Dawn’s communication via email really helped me to make the decision. There was absolutely no pressure, just a desire to help if she could. My confidence is much greater than it was!”

Sarah J

If you have any questions, please request a Discovery Call or send an email to me via

Hosted by Dawn Fry, founder of The Melting Pot, an award-winning chocolate workshop business and small business mentor, who has been running her own business, as well as helping others with theirs, for the past 10 years.

*if you decide to invest in the New Dawn programme (within three months of taking the building confidence programme) your £99 fee will be deducted from the price.