Coming soon…..

 - by dawn

I’m excited to announce a brand new on-line programme coming soon to help anyone who dreamed of becoming their own boss and starting their own small business doing what they love – welcome to your New Dawn!

Delivered via on-line modules covering business strategy and planning, marketing, PR and so much more and including a vital support/mentoring group to help you avoid overwhelm and keep you on track.

I’ve run my own successful and award-winning chocolate business for almost 10 years, supported others to do the same, and now I’m branching out to help even more, not necessarily work with chocolate, but creating a business you want to work in that suits you and your lifestyle.

I will be running a pilot in the first instance for a limited number at a special introductory price – if you wish to join the priority list, then please click on the link.  No obligation to sign up, but a chance to be invited at the outset and benefit from a lower price ahead of the official launch.

Doing something you love, doing it for yourself and providing/sharing something for everyone to benefit from by being able to buy your product or service!  The best thing I ever did (apart from marry a lovely man and have three gorgeous children) was start my own business – it’s about to be your turn too.