Customer Cuddles!

 - by dawn

Virgin media have been using an email campaign recently informing customers about improvements to broadband speeds or the chance to buy tickets in advance to their music festivals – all referred to as a ‘Virgin Media tickle’ for their customers. I’m not sure they have the wording quite right here, some people just can’t stand to be tickled; but the sentiment is rather nice.

Are you cuddling your customers?

This got me thinking about the way in which we can offer a ‘cuddle’ for our customers – it’s doesn’t have to involve touching anyone of course:

  • a social media cuddle – have you gone and posted some lovely #ff (follow Friday) on twitter yet today, informing your followers what’s great about your customer(s) or their businesses – or just plain thanking them for being great customers?
  • sent a card, or an email (not very original) but making a gesture of some sort showing that your appreciate their custom still counts – a cuddle is just communication after all?
  • created more of a WOW response by sending or doing something for your customers that is really different, creative, touching and personal to them.

I heard a brilliant example of this only last night – Simon Stevens lovely Business Growth Adviser for the Entrepreneur’s Circle and Print Entrepreneur was talking to one of his print customers recently and they asked him if they could borrow his roof box (Simon is a really friendly chap, and often finds that customers turn into friends – a perfect example of customer cuddling in action).  Simon needed the roof box himself on the dates it was required by his customer, so he did no more than pop onto Ebay and buy a roof box and bars on behalf of his customer – really thinking outside of the ‘roof’box!

It’s so important to value our customers, thank them for being there and ensure they stick around for the future – so sitting down and giving some thought about how you can offer a ‘cuddle’ to your customers is a really smart thing to do!


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