Feel the fear….

 - by dawn

I know, and do it anyway. But we don’t – we sit and live with the fear of doing something out of our comfort zone because we feel so much fear and the enormity of everything all at once, instead of seeing it for what it really is, a small step out of the usual, to explore something new.

I am trying to encourage people to start their own small business through my programme New Dawn and I am witnessing fear from many I speak to.

Fear of failure (you can only fail if you actually try and we learn so much from our mistakes), fear that they don’t have the ability to do what is required, a real lack of confidence; fear of something fundamental like the end of a relationship through making a change in their lives, fear of being too busy, fear of leaving a job behind that means a steady income (despite the fact that no job is ever totally secure anymore). Fear, fear, fear.

But can you remember a time when you did something you were uncomfortable with and it was tricky and difficult at the time, but you looked back and were so pleased you did it? You grew, you changed slightly and you felt better for trying.

The thing is that you only have to take a small step at a time. You don’t have to fundamentally change your life all at once, you will feel slightly uncomfortable some of the time, and then you will start to feel great, pleased, proud but fundamentally of course, you are still the same you. If you don’t like the direction things are heading in, you can change again, nothing is set in stone.

You don’t have to leave a steady job, if you have an idea for something, why not try it alongside your job and see what pans out? You will be following a dream, a passion, so it will be busy, but busy doing something you enjoy!

I can’t give you confidence but I do know that by stretching your comfort zone and doing something new and a little challenging your confidence will grow. Sometimes I’ve had to fake a little confidence in my business, because it was the best for my customers not to be greeted by a jelly of nerves. Now it’s second nature – to be confident of my abilities to give my customers the best possible experience I can. I do get nervous, I do stretch my comfort zone and often say to myself at the time, why am I doing this again – then I’m delighted I did. So now, when I feel uncomfortable, I just sit with it and know it will turn into something positive eventually. I have faith.

This is something so fundamental that I have discovered when talking to others about starting their own small business that I added a whole bonus section on confidence alone. It runs alongside the business training for the length of the programme!

If you think you would like to explore running your own business, put your fear aside, get in touch and request a discovery call. That’s all. We will chat and see if we can help each other and I hope you will decide to have a go at starting a new business, but that is up to you and whether you decide to DO IT ANYWAY!

Dawn Fry
22nd May 2019