Happy New Year and Happy New (and old) Customers!

 - by dawn

Happy New Year

I’m so excited about 2012 – as this marks the launch of my new consulting business as a customer experience champion!

I’m really delighted to be able to offer my services in helping UK business owners get better at their relationships with their existing and potential customers – through the quality and frequency of communications, events and of course my favourite medium social media!

I want us all to make some business resolutions for 2012 – it’s a tough commercial world out there  – and our best shot and keeping and finding customers in 2012 is to become fantastic at creating a brilliant experience in interactions with our services or products.  It’s not an overnight fix;  we need to create or enhance our business personality, improve or create a reputation for customer service brilliance and really create a buzz around what we do.

Good luck for 2012 – but luck alone will not suffice – here’s to a year of forging fantastic relationships!

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