It’s time to think!

 - by dawn

I ran a workshop last Friday – I had a bunch of lively, receptive people all wanting to make a difference for their customers – and together we did ‘a WOW workout‘!  This workshop is designed to make attendees really think about their every interaction with customers.  How to build stronger relationships, and gain the WOW response from as many customers as possible!  If you want to see exactly what’s covered in a workshop, take a look at the content and some feedback here.

Each and every attendee remarked how valuable it was to get away from their very busy roles and give some time to thinking about how they interact with their customers.  Space to think about the ways in which they can create those all important WOW factors to make customers really stick going forward.  It was the act of physically moving away from their desk, sitting down together and collectively sharing their experiences and ideas within the structure of the workshop which really enabled them to focus on creating clear action plans that will make a difference.  Having ‘missed’ a morning by attending the workshop, they returned to an even busier workload in the afternoon; but with a renewed energy, focus and a positive mindset to make a difference!

Create some energy and focus in your business and ensure you create time and space to think about your customers – as without them you won’t have a business to think about at all!



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