NEW DAWN Programme

Start your own small business, with no prior business knowledge.
I teach you how to plan, market & launch a business doing something you LOVE through my 7-week, on-line programme

– Do you wish you could get up every morning and look forward to going to ‘work’ doing something that fills you and others with joy?

– Would you prefer to set your own agenda and work in the way that best suits your strengths, beliefs and passions?

– Do you want to stop doing things you don’t want to anymore and do something for YOURSELF instead?

Perhaps you have a hobby or some other interest and for years, you have yearned to turn that into a business that brings in an independent income, either alongside or in place of your employment – but you’ve squashed that desire down while you put the needs of your family ahead of your own?

Maybe it’s an idea for a business you’d love to start that has emerged more recently, but you’ve held yourself back believing ‘people like me’ don’t start businesses, or you’ve not known where to turn for help?

Or possibly, you’ve spent the past years bringing up your family and supporting your partner’s career and have decided it’s your turn now – but you don’t know which business is right for you or how to get started?

I hear you.

That was me too, working in part-time roles to fit around the needs of the family, underselling my talents to ensure I got home in time for the school run. I spent years in jobs I didn’t really enjoy.

Don’t you hate being told what to do by someone you don’t fully respect? What if you could tell yourself what needed doing every day instead?

You are getting up to face a day where you will make a difference – for yourself, for your family, for your clients. Providing them with an experience or product that you have created from a place of excitement, love and passion.

You can feel that sense of satisfaction, when you have had the most incredible day, you fall into bed knowing that, as the cherry on the cake, you have been paid to do something you love!

My name is Dawn Fry and I’m a small business mentor!

Dawn Fry
Small Business Mentor

I have been running a successful and award-winning chocolate workshop business in Hitchin, Hertfordshire since 2009 (a business I started from scratch with no funding). I built it organically to fit around the needs of my family and my lifestyle and I’ve since helped others launch their own successful chocolate businesses where they live too.

Marketing, PR and in particular, creating memorable and exciting customer experiences are something I’m truly passionate about. Help your clients spread the good word about what you do, and you have achieved the holy grail, ‘word of mouth marketing’ .  Nothing beats gaining a new customer from a recommendation by someone else!

Putting myself in for competitions or applying for awards is something that has helped build customers’ confidence in me and my business as well as enabling me to gain valuable PR. I’ve won numerous accolades over the years including Entrepreneur of the Year; both at a regional and national level, as well as various Customer Service awards. I’ve also been regularly featured in the local press, on radio as well as national coverage and TV appearances.

I regularly speak at events and networking groups and have contributed articles to various publications – all things that have helped build awareness in me and my brand and helped gain valuable sales.

When I started out, I was just like you. I had merely an outline of an idea but the one thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to work for myself. I made some mistakes, I learned from them. I invested in myself and my business education (and continue to do so today). I followed business leaders and joined organisations that would give me the knowledge I needed to grow and take my business to the next level of success. I’ve learned when to say no, but also when to say YES to lots of opportunities too.

I have taken my experience from running a successful small business for the past 12 years and distilled it all into something I’m really excited to share with you.

Introducing…… the NEW DAWN on-line,  small business start-up and mentoring programme

So now you can get your small business off the ground quicker and far more efficiently than going it alone, avoid mistakes, learn valuable short cuts and so many tips for success.

Inside the New Dawn programme you will….

  • Work out what and you are naturally good at and fits with your passion and beliefs
  • Turn your hobbies/interests into a viable business model
  • Scope, plan and devise a small business that will work for you, your commitments and your lifestyle
  • Populate a website with content that matches your business personality and gives your customers a positive impression and experience
  • Choose the right social media channels to ensure you are reaching out to your ideal audience
  • Plan a launch event and gain valuable PR
  • Devise a marketing strategy and learn valuable tips and tricks on providing the best possible customer experiences
  • Devise a clear action plan to achieve your goals
  • Be supported, encouraged and held to account for the duration of the course
  • Get excited, engaged and enthusiastic about something you have devised and created yourself
  • Start earning money doing something you love

Tim Morley, Made by You Workshops

“Made by You Workshops wouldn’t exist without Dawn. In our first meeting she seized on the tiny seed of idea we were playing with, and before we knew it something had germinated! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of starting and promoting a business, she also has a firm ‘anything is possible’ attitude that we found infectious. Basically, she made us believe in our ideas and told us how to make them happen. Five months on from that first discussion our small business idea is a reality and out-performing anything we could have dreamt about. Dawn is always available to talk through any stumbling blocks we have and we always come away feeling entirely able to deal with the next step.”
Tim/Rachel – Made by You Workshops – Birmingham

How does it work?

Delivered via weekly training modules and supported by live webinars each week too (click here for a taster), the modules will cover:

Week One – Business Discovery

Here in week one, you will gain clarity on exactly what your small  business will deliver and what you want your business to do for you.

Even if you don’t yet know exactly how that new business looks, then this is an opportunity to drill down and really identify your core skills and strengths, what you love, what you are passionate about, what you are NOT willing to do or compromise on, and start to formulate an ideal small  business that would work for you.

“I had two criteria when I decided to launch my business, I knew it would be in a workshop format, but did not initially know what I would deliver. I wanted to work with food and people. One day, I had one of those light bulb moments and thought ‘chocolate’ – everyone loves chocolate don’t they, surely that would work? I had no prior knowledge or experience of working with chocolate and 10 years down the line it still follows the same formula (albeit a honed, improved and enhanced version) of that original concept.”

Week Two – Business Planning

A good business plan will record your direction, how you will get there, identify your strengths and weaknesses, examine where you want to be in 12/24 months and beyond from now.

You will be provided with a template and advice on how to fill in your plan.

What you write down is not set in stone, but a framework to use to scope your business.

If you need to secure finance, a business plan is a credible document to take to your bank/investor to help explain in detail what you aim to achieve.

You may not be able to fully formulate the whole plan at this stage, but in later models we will cover key elements in greater detail meaning you can re-visit your plan along the way to make it really detailed, focused and strong.

Week Three – Website and Social Media

You must as a bare minimum, have an on-line presence so that your ideal client can find you and know what you are about!

Websites and social media channels have never made it easier to start a business, but it’s a crowded marketplace and you need to rise above the ‘noise’ and ensure you are heard by the right people (your clients).

This module will cover what you need to be thinking about in terms of your on-line presence:

  • What should be included on your website
  • The best social media platforms to enhance and complement your business, and ensuring you have the very basics in place to get started, if this is not an area you are currently confident in
  • Define your business personality and the best possible customer experiences you wish to deliver through your on-line presence
  • The importance of building relationships through on-line connections

“In the early days of my first business, I was playing around with Twitter and noticed a chap had a successful blog called ‘shedworking’. As I made chocolates in my shed, I sent a tweet explaining what I did and wondered what was the most interesting occupation he’d found people doing in their sheds? He instantly replied that mine was the most interesting and offered me a feature on his blog! I was so chuffed, but this then led on to being featured in The Sun and a full-page feature in The Independent, as well as winning an iPad!”

Week Four – Launch and PR

Launching is crucial – there are many different ways to approach a launch and this module will take you through what would work best for you.

A launch is a date, a deadline and a call to action! It’s also the perfect hook for your PR! The local papers love a new venture.

I have templates, ideas and cunning plans to gain valuable and free coverage to help build awareness, your brand and get you noticed by your customers.

PR is not a dark art – but the ability to build relationships with the right people, spot a good story and share your news.

“One day I was at the train station in Hitchin, heading to London to appear on Gala TV for a chocolate feature. My phone rang and someone said “it’s Steve here from Channel 4” – I must say I was rather sarcastic, thinking it was a friend pulling a fast one in reference to my Gala TV appearance! However, it was genuinely Channel 4 and they wished to possibly feature me in Shed of the Year! “

A bit of publicity can go a long way and you never know who is watching and what opportunities might be opened up to you and your business!

Week Five – Customers and Marketing

I’ve met with many potential small business owners, and a common theme I hear is how they don’t like marketing and they are no good at sales.

Well, no customers = no business, so let’s change the language.

You didn’t start your business so you could make/provide things for yourself – you are called to sell to your potential customers because you have something to share with them, something they will find valuable or enjoyable. You have a duty to tell your potential customers about your product/service so they have the OPPORTUNITY to buy from you:

  • Explore ideal ways to market to your target audience
  • Discover how to keep in touch and develop relationships
  • Create incentives to encourage customers to buy more and/or buy again
  • Provide the best possible customer experiences and gain the best possible marketing of all, word of mouth recommendations!

Week Six – Review and Action Planning

It’s time to go over everything we have learned so far and leave with a detailed action plan of exactly what needs to happen and when.

We share the detail of how to plan too and then go over everything that needs to be in the plan so you don’t leave without this crucial element. 

Weeks One-Seven – Mentoring, Support & Celebration

The secret sauce, the bit that will make it more worthwhile than any of the above – because the only thing stopping you making this happen is YOU!

Tell friends and family that you are starting a new business and sit back and notice how many doubters, raised eyebrows and dis-believing comments you receive.

If you are sharing your queries and questions with people who are not comfortable with someone who runs their own business, they will be full of negative or anxiety-inducing ‘advice’. They don’t get it, they wish to put you off, they are worried for you, maybe they are a little jealous of you. This is not what you need to hear at this stage.

Working together means you will be able to ask questions and seek clarity whenever you are feeling stuck. Sometimes you may get a bit lost, a bit scared and a bit overwhelmed.

I will hold you to account, help with action plans, help you sort out what needs to be done and when, but mostly encourage, cajole and keep you on track to achieve your mission of starting your own business.

In addition, programme members will also form part of a private and confidential Facebook group going through the same process. If you’ve not experienced the magic of a peer group of people all striving for the same thing, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the power of being part of a shared journey, the mutual learning and light bulb moments that come from being with others in the similar position can add real and unexpected value.

Mentor, business coach, champion, buddy – whatever you wish to call it, the biggest and best bit is having someone believe in you and help you get over the starting post.


Here’s what James had to say about his experience with New Dawn:

If that is not exciting enough, there are some super bonuses on offer too:

A 60 min one-to-one coaching call. You can book this at any time during our time together if you are stuck, need ideas and inspiration, wish to brainstorm or just want to speak privately.

Annual Marketing Calendar
– covering theming, hooks, seasonal events, networking tips and tricks and more! If this is an area you currently don’t feel confident in, then check in each month and get inspiration for planning some great campaigns. If marketing is already your thing, use the calendar to spark creativity and help further develop additional ideas.

100 Ways to WOW! A hundred ways to stay in touch with your customers and make them go WOW at your fantastic customer service. Get this right and keep the customers coming back for more – developing important relationships and increasing sales from repeat business.

Business Plan Review Submit your business plan for a comprehensive review and feedback.  

AND the in the spirit of saving the best bonus until last – now included with the New Dawn Programme is the four-week Building Confidence Programme so you can focus on boosting your confidence and looking after yourself properly at the same time as getting your new business off the ground.  (Normally priced at £99 per person).

Join the New Dawn programme and:

  • Find YOU again – having something exciting and fulfilling to fill your time, gives you energy and purpose.
  • Stop putting everyone else first – it feels amazing and empowering to start a business of your own, doing something you love.
  • Stop listening to all those negative voices in your head about what others will think of you, think about what YOU want and go for it.
  • Get out of your comfort zone (feel the fear and do it anyway), once you have started your own small business, you will look back and think why on earth didn’t I do this sooner?
  • Work in a way that fits with your passions and beliefs which means you are doing something worthwhile that you truly believe in.
  • Take this OPPORTUNITY to do something you’ve always wanted to with someone who will support you every step of the way.

Join us for the next New Dawn Programme

It’s your time to shine….

Priced at £495.**

Don’t miss out on your chance to start your own small business, join in with others on the same journey, learn all the necessary steps to get properly planned and launched WITH valuable support, advice and mentoring for SEVEN WEEKS! 

(Access to the membership site is for as long as you need it, there is no time limit on how long you take to do the course).

** A payment plan is available for those that would prefer to pay in instalments. 
Three payments of £175 (one week prior to start , week 3 & week 7 of the programme) paying a total of £525.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this option.

Pay a £50 deposit only now and gain lifetime access to the Building Confidence course.  The remainder, or first instalment is due just prior to the next start date.

Book your free Discovery Call here

It’s time to stop working in a way that you don’t want to anymore, doing things for everyone else but yourself.

Do something you love instead, something that fills you with energy and purpose, fits with the lifestyle you choose to lead AND earns you money.

Or do nothing at all, be too fearful to make a change, and look back with regret.

IT’S TIME to start that small business you dreamed of but never got around to doing anything about – until now…..

Sign up today!

Ensure you get the whole programme at £495, including all bonuses and the Building Confidence course, and start your own new dawn.

What others have said about working with Dawn:

“I had been a working in a secondary school as a qualified drama teacher for seven years, however after having my daughter in 2017 I decided I wanted to embark on starting my own business. I felt I wanted to use my skills and expertise in a more flexible way which would allow me to spend more time with my family. Dawn was recommended to me as someone who could share her experience of starting and running her own successful business.

The session I had with Dawn was incredibly valuable and inspiring. Dawn listened to all my ideas, questions and concerns with genuine interest, and offered practical advice about how I could initiate and maintain a viable business model. Dawn was extremely generous with her expertise and time. At the end of the session I felt calm and excited about the future, and I am now launching my new business – Drama Boost!”

Anna Smith, Drama Boost

“Brilliant! Very informative, the course has covered everything I wanted it to. You are very inspirational and motivational. I feel more confident and positive about what to do next.”

Kirsty, The Choccie Drop – Hertfordshire

“The training was just perfect for me – the different packages/sectors and price points and the different ways to market myself was something which would have taken me ages to figure out – for me that was a key thing I wanted to get out of the training. I can ‘see’ how it all fits together now – was all a bit foggy before but you’ve made everything crystal clear.

Dawn’s training package met my specific requirements, it was absolutely spot on what I needed and I’ve got SO much out of it that’s completely relevant to what I’m looking to do with my business. What a great inspiration she is.”

Amanda, Cheshire Chocolate Studio –