Olympic success!

 - by dawn

The Olympic Stadium

I was lucky enough to spend the morning helping a client deliver a business breakfast to invited senior property professionals.  The speaker was Ian Crockford of the Olympic Delivery Authority and what a fascinating story he had to tell.  Lots of amazing insights into the build and beyond – which if you’re interested, will be covered in full by the client very soon.  The aspect that I wanted to focus in on was the people element (which incidentally, Ian said could fill a whole lecture in its own right).

There were 16,000 people involved at any one time on the Olympic build, and a total of 45,000 over the period of the project.  The management constantly and clearly communicated with their team – everyone was always aware of key objectives, timescales and delivery plans.  Health and safely were paramount, there were no fatalities or serious injuries on the build at all – beating industry standards.  The had people in to talk to staff who had lost loved ones on projects and the impact it had had on their family, just to make sure that the message on health and safely really got through.  Everyone took responsibility and helped each other.

They managed to create a real sense of community, turnover of staff was extremely low, there was no sabotage, racism and even swearing was at a minimum (can this be true!).

Having a clear vision, constantly and clearly communicating that vision to  staff meant that the Olympic park build was a huge success – the secret of gold medal management obviously!

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