Putting yourself in their shoes….

 - by dawn

In my chocolate workshop business, I take a lot of bookings for hen parties!

Now, I can just imagine the imagery this is conjuring up for you right now, excited girls out to have lots of fun, be a little wild perhaps and maybe make something ‘naughty’ in chocolate.  But let’s take a moment to step back and put ourselves in the shoes of our customers…….

The person contacting me regarding the booking of a chocolate hen party is often the best friend, relative or even the bride-to-be herself.  She is not thinking, “whoop, whoop I’m already at the party”, she is really concerned that all her close friends have a really good time, that in the lead up to the wedding absolutely nothing goes wrong, everything is as perfect as can be.   It’s really important that someone understands the level of nerves and stress connected with organising a wedding and related events, and that someone really cares about making it very special!

So my first objective is to make the booking process as smooth and easy as possible.  I reiterate how much I care about making the party really magical for them, and how much I enjoy welcoming everyone on such occasions – really reassuring the person that they don’t have to worry, I will do my utmost to give them a really good time.  They often have demands that I can’t meet, but I don’t  bombard them with the things I can’t do for them, but gently suggest alternatives for them without compromising what they want to achieve.  Don’t make it their problem – solve problems for them!  I also show testimonials from other hen’s that have enjoyed the experience just to reinforce that feeling of security.  Get in the spirit of the celebration and really understand what you would want if you were in their shoes……

Oh and by the way, I’ve not yet been asked to supply anything rude in chocolate – my parties tend to be the event that the mother and future mother-in-law are invited along to (with some serious late-night partying later at the nightclub for some, once the mums have gone home with their lovely bags of chocolates 🙂 )


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