Creating Magic Challenge

Are you ready to feel more energised, willing to spend a little time focusing on yourself and bring more joy into your life?

Please join me on this free six-day challenge where you will go from feeling a little tragic to creating some magic……

Magic wand

Why now?

  • Are you feeling a little lost, lonely, out of sorts, down or low in mood?
  • Perhaps you are simply craving a little me-time?
  • Maybe you feel a bit confused about the future? You want to make a change, but you really don’t know where to start.
  • Every time you decide you will do something different you keep getting overwhelmed and stop.
  • You just wish to feel more positive.

Then it’s time to tune into yourself and examine your own life in a little more detail.

The aim of the challenge:

Simply to encourage you to focus on yourself for a change.

We are each unique. We so often lose ourselves, especially when we are busy juggling life and supporting family.

By allowing a little me-time each day, you will be focusing on tapping into your own ‘magic powers’ and remind yourself what you are capable of or what you might wish to change, improve or just enjoy more.

How does it work?

It’s a free six-day challenge held in a private group on Facebook. When you come on board, you will be provided with login details.

Dawn Fry, your host, will be live in the group every day at 9.00 am from Monday to Friday.

She will set your daily challenge.
Join her live or catch up when it suits you on the day.
Complete your daily task and report back as instructed.

On the sixth and last day (Saturday) Dawn will post up a recording with your next steps – watch whenever it suits you over the weekend and complete your final task.

Momentum is key – your commitment is around 30 mins each day to join the live or watch on replay, do the ‘homework’ required and show up the next day with your tasks completed.

You will only get something from the challenge if you are willing and able to put the time and effort in. It is called a challenge after all!

Magic wand


The group is a safe space. Anyone who joins us will have a commitment to be supportive and constructive as well as respecting the confidential nature of what may be shared.


How did previous attendees rate their experience of the challenge?

“I loved the Challenge I’d rate it a 10 out of 10!” – H

“I’ve loved this week, and it’s certainly given me lots to think about. Thank you Dawn for the magic this week!” – K
“Thank you for this week Dawn. I enjoyed the challenge, it was a great introduction to the kind of courses you offer. It was good that each day had a small and achievable task, it was easier to stick with.” – A

“Thank you for this timely challenge! I liked the small bite sized pieces to looking at how to foster our creativity again. Thanks again, with much gratitude!” – V

Magic wand

Dawn, your host:

I’m no magician – but I do have a magic wand.
It’s my job to wave it in your direction to get you to see the magic within. Everyone contains some magic in whatever form that might be – and tapping into those creative juices (not necessarily in an artistic way) means you get to shine your light and create some magic in your own life.

Dawn Fry and her pet dog Coco in her arms at a table with a vase of flowers

If you think that feels a bit self-centred, then please just go with it for a moment – because if you fill yourself with joy and start to have to fun, your capacity to be more for those that mean the most to you increases, you have more energy, you are a shining example – you just are more.

I’m a mum to three grown-ups and a shaggy dog, long-standing wife to a blacksmith who loves housework (I know you hate me a bit already), and business owner. I train and mentor people to start their own dream business and started out on my own business journey in chocolate over 12 years ago.

You have the magic within; it’s my hope and desire that I can get you to see that about yourself whether it’s for the first time or re-connecting with something that got a little lost along the way.

Let’s dare to explore what really makes you magic.

Sign up now for the next challenge and I will forward all the info. Look forward to seeing you there!

Dawn Fry