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Mind your manners!

 - by dawn

I met with an interesting lady this week – her business is about promoting good food, cooking and eating as well as good table manners ‘Cookery/Eatery’ – a life skill that so many sadly lack!

It got me thinking about food and doing business….

Networking Nightmares

How many times has your stomach sunk when you saw the large crusty bap filled with chewy bacon and dribbly fried egg at yet another breakfast networking event, knowing that for best results you will now need to go hungry!  The fact that you got up at 5am to get there means you might faint if you don’t tackle the bap any minute now, resulting in just a few lip-twisting, mouth-wiping embarrassing encounters where you almost wished you’d just stayed at home.

What are the caterers thinking?

egg_on_faceYes we all love a big fat breakfast bap in the comfort of our own home, but trying to sell our latest ‘thing’ with egg on our face is not a good look!  Can’t we have dainty bite-sized eats that won’t dribble or flake all over us please while pitching our must-have product 🙂

Are you putting people off?

And don’t get me started on MANNERS!  Manners maketh man (or woman) – bet you were told that as a kid by your gran?  Why then are so many so bad at even the basics?  Here are the my top three worst offenders  – (please feel free to add to the list):

  1. Eating with mouth open (yuk)
  2. Talking with mouth full – mind the fall out from this one
  3. Making any noises when eating, apart from an appreciative ‘Mmmm’ all other noises especially ‘smacking of lips’ are a definite no-no!

How many times have you gone to a business lunch/dinner and been appalled at the level of table manners (or lack of) on display.  Would you want to do business with someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate how to behave at the table?

So in the spirit of providing fantastic customer experiences please lovely people, don’t forget to ‘mind your manners’ next time you are eating with someone, especially if you wish to do a bit of business with them!