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 - by dawn

Grabbing some positive attention is a great deal for any business and in these social media savvy times, you have more chance than ever before to grab your moment in the spotlight.  You will gain real business benefit – driving valuable traffic to your website or helping you to build a bigger community, whatever the reason it’s definitely a good thing!

Are you gaining momentum or going downhill fast?

It can take quite a lot of ‘noise’ to gain any form of  momentum for something you wish everyone to know about – but you do need to make some noise for it to gain attention in the first place!

Now comes the tricky part; in creating the noise you needed to shout about your thing, a ‘look at me’ or ‘look at what I’ve got’ type of approach, you got the reaction you hoped for and some momentum is built around your message/product etc, but if you just keep on shouting, people will stop listening; go on too much and they might never listen to you again!

Recognise that moment, stop pushing out your message and become part of the conversation, get involved in the discussion, encourage and engage with your audience – be humble, grateful and thankful – this is your chance to build valuable relationships.  Get this right and next time you start to make a noise, you have a ready-built community that is happy and willing to help start that momentum all over again……



The Voice!

 - by dawn

I’ve been watching the new show on the BBC – The Voice.  If you haven’t seen it or can’t face another ‘talent’ show – the concept is simple; people who have a great singing voice get to sing live in front of four celebrity judges – each of the judges have their backs to the stage – they cannot see who is singing, they are purely judging the act on their voice alone – if they like what they hear, they turn their chair around.

Are you a 'celebrity' business?

What has been rather fascinating to observe are the entrants – because they are not being judged on appearance at all – it has meant that people who are conscious of being overweight, being ‘too old’, looking ‘different’, having no hair for instance have the confidence to take part and try their luck on the merits of their great voice.  Interestingly some very glamorous people, who more than fit the stereotype of  ‘star looks’ have not been picked (the general singing standard is very good).  The reactions from the judges has been plain to see in such cases – there seems to be a genuine disappointment at missing out on the package of great looks and a good voice!  Proving that what we see in front of us definitely clouds our judgement – the short dumpy person with an amazing voice versus the tall slim person with a good voice usually would win out hands down (although Susan Boyle would seem to buck this assumption!).

In business we are often very much reliant on our ‘voice’ alone – through our websites, emails, letters, newsletters and social media we are relying on creating a personality without being there in person – a great opportunity to create a ‘star quality’ to everything you do and say and really make an impact with your customers and potential customers out there!



Jackanory time!

 - by dawn

Last night I went to a local meeting of the Entrepreneur’s Circle (an organisation I belong to that helps business owners focus on doing the things that will make their business successful) and the subject matter was making yourself interesting!

I agree wholeheartedly that you need to stand out in this world, and perhaps my focus is usually on creating the best experience for people once they are involved with your business, however you have to get them there in the first place! So standing out and providing a great product/service once they arrive, are certainly key for success in today’s crowded market.

However, the most powerful piece of advice we shared last night (which I try to follow myself) is the power of a story!  Certainly not something made up or untrue, but something either you or someone you know has experienced that helps you convey your message in a completely compelling and interesting way!

I talk about the power of social media in building better relationships – blah blah, we have heard that before; but when I tell the story about how I was featured in The Sun, The Independent and won an iPad2 from some successful relationships built on twitter – then people really take notice of what I’m saying!

My last blog post focused on getting passionate about what you do – I didn’t just tell you to get passionate, I shared a story of success from doing just that – so I urge you to tell stories and embrace Jackanory time and engage your customers (and be really interesting!)

Once upon a time………