the new normal?

 - by dawn

So at the time of writing this post business life is looking a little different. Both my hubby and I have had to furlough ourselves within our businesses in order to survive our current situation (as like many we lost all our income overnight). We can carry out our duties as Directors in terms of any legal requirements that may be required and we can ensure we are here and fit to operate when we can get back to work, but we are not entitled to earn anything during this period.

For 10+ years (Jo even longer) we have been running our own businesses, with a focus on marketing, promotion, sales, keeping the customers coming back for more and delivering our services. For now, the delivery is on hold.

We sincerely hope you will come back for more when this is over – some banging metal at the forge with Jo, some chocolate therapy with me, or even start your own small business perhaps?

In the meantime, we are looking at a new normal.

The worst thing we could do is disappear off the face of the earth and hide.

We are still here, still capable and still wish to serve you.

Here to help and try and keep smiling!

While Jo can’t encourage you to set up a forge in your home, he watches so many you tubers, vlogs etc, not just on blacksmithing but on creating things in general – if you want to gain some inspiration or just wish to get inspired for when you can visit the forge, drop him a line on or visit his page on facebook and ask him for some tips! Stay creative people!

I’m cooking for England here – I’m utilising our store cupboard like never before – we are a family of five living here on a seriously reduced income and I’m making meals a focus of tastiness, health, affordability and I won’t lie, a bit of therapy for me too, I love cooking.
Please ask me anything, just for a chat, for inspiration or for making your money go a bit further. We’ve been eating veggie too (we are about 80% veggie most of the time anyway to try and do our bit for the environment) but right now it seems the sensible thing to do, for the purse strings, for the planet and for our good health!

We are no saints, and everyday we have a pudding (unheard of before this business started, except for a weekend treat). We feel that good food and sitting and sharing a good meal has been helping us through and is something lovely to look forward to each day.

Let’s get sharing, helping and inspiring each other if food is your thing. Pop to my facebook page and share any top tips with us, or ask me anything – like what’s for dinner tonight Dawn?

I’m going to be offering some free sessions during this period to help, support and discover your own genius. If you are interested in some free support, drop me a line on and find out more. Watch this space for more news on this too.

Stay well, stay safe!

30th March 2020