To do or not to do…..

 - by dawn

That is the question – I’m finding sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t.

All we can do is listen to ourselves, follow good advice, look out for each other and do what we can when we can, or indeed, when we are able.

Hopefully you, your friends and family will come out of this as well as possible, I know tragically that will not be the truth for everyone.

I do try and ask myself how I wish to look back on this time?

That could simply be the chance I’m having to spend quality time with loved ones – if you are also lucky enough to have them in your house, or perhaps on-line if not. Slowing down, reading, watching, pottering around, taking time.

It has provided the opportunity for me to try something new too.

I’ve started an online training course that will complement my current programmes on starting a new business or building confidence – and also I’ve started sharing ‘what’s for dinner Dawn on facebook each evening.

veggie moussakka with ricotta topping

I am trying to cook for my family, decent, nutritious meals for five on a budget! I’ve been amazed at the interaction and really enjoyed sharing ideas, tips and recipes with others.

I find cooking a total therapy too – so spending time in the kitchen and cooking up a storm is really good for me and seems to be enjoyed by the family!

On the back of all this, someone has approached me and suggested I start a food blog – we are having a chat tomorrow about what that might look like……how exciting. Silver linings perhaps…….

Be kind to yourself, none of us know how to navigate this time as we’ve never been here before, and do please come and talk about your dinner with Dawn……….

Stay well
Dawn x
6th April 2020